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About Aetrex

The word Aetrex is a derivation of Ae-Treks, meaning one journey.  The Aetrex mission is to bring to market footwear and footcare products that enable you to live your life your way.

With over 60 years as leaders in the pedorthic industry, Aetrex understand that no two feet are the same. Specialist products are available to meet the needs of many different foot types and life styles.

Thanks to recent technological and biomechanical advances, you should expect your footwear and footcare products to provide the comfort, support and protection you need to continue enjoying the activities you love, with no need to slow down because of pain or nagging injuries.

Aetrex have a range of innovative products which have features and benefits not found in any other line.

Aetrex Lynco orthotics - are recognized as the #1 orthotic system on the market today.  We have a full range of Lyncos for both everyday use and active sports.  lynco orthotic L420
Aetrex Custom Select orthotics - Low, medium and high arch feet need different types of arch supports.  Aetrex custom select orthotics provide optimal stability and balance for your arch type.Aetrex Custom Select Orthotic
Aetrex 3/4 length orthotics - 3/4 length fits most shoe styles (especially shoes without removable insoles and limited space in the toe area). These tri-density orthotics feature a full grain leather top cover for cushioning and breathability and a suede bottom to prevent sliding inside your shoe.Aetrex 3/4 length orthtoics
Callaway golf orthotics - The perfect swing starts with your feet. Callaway golf orthotics are designed to improve your balance and foot alignment, leading to a proper set up, swing and follow through.  This extraordinary product not only improves performance, but provides unmatched comfort as you walk the course. Callaway  golf orthotics
Aetrex Copper sole socks - eliminate over 99% of the bacteria, fungi and odours in the sock, for the life of the sock. copper sole socks

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