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Aetrex Copper Sole™ Sports Socks

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Aetrex Athletic Socks, with Copper Sole™ Technology, are unsurpassed in comfort, performance and protection. Copper Sole Technology has been lab tested and clinically proven to help prevent Bacteria, Fungi and Odour, as well as improve skin texture and appearance. Copper ions are embedded in the CUPRON™ yarn to eliminate 99.9% of the Bacteria and Fungi in the sock, providing superior protection against odour that’s guaranteed for the life of the sock.

Aetrex Copper Sole Athletic Sock - White Aetrex Copper Sole Athletic Sock - White   ( Ref: S120 )

Eliminates over 99% of the bacteria, fungi and odour in the sock. 

  • Provides superior cushioning and shock absorption 
  • Unique support at arch for added performance 
  • Reduces friction to help prevent blistering
  • Technologically advanced Moisture-Guard™ wicking system
  • Controls odour and rejuvenates your skin

Fibres (crew length) 87% polyester, 7% Cupron™polyester, 5% Elastic, 1% Spandex
(ankle and low cut) 86% polyester, 10% Cupron™polyester, 3% Elastic, 1% Spandex

Please note: Ankle Length is the second shortest and Low Cut is the shortest with a tab at the back.
I am sorry that we have sold out of all Aetrex Athletic socks.

Price:    £5.95

I am sorry that we have stopped trading from this website.



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