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How to Choose

  • Select the appropriate sport from the menu on the left-hand side.
  • Read about the features and benefits of each sock
  • Select the best size for you (see size chart on left).  Note:  If you have a narrow foot or for most women purchasing a unisex sock, then, if you are on the boundary between two size ranges then you should choose the smaller size.  
  • If we do not have your size in the style that you need then send us an email and we will try to get it for you.  This should only take an additional 2 days.
  • Read about the sock fibres (see left)
  • Visit the sock manufactures internet sites for more information (see useful links on left)

Below is a high level overview of each sock brand:

Thorlo  Bridgedale  X-Socks®


THOR·LO has spent seventeen years conducting scientific research and has participated in twelve scientific studies to prove that Thorlos unique anatomical design can create the ultimate comfort system. The results of these studies enabled THOR·LO to produce anatomically designed, sport-specific sock products, each specially engineered to protect the feet according to the demands of each activity.

THOR·LO's knowledge and experience led them to identify 7 Elements of Comfort that are the cornerstone of Comfort·Science.  THOR·LO uses these seven elements to evaluate the major activity demands of specific sports activities and assesses them within the context of Comfort·Science.  THOR·LO comfort scientists then develop the right combination of fibers/yarns, resilience, fabric density and design to create Sport Specific Thorlos.  Comfort·Science is incorporated into every pair of Thorlos. 

The 7 Elements of Comfort are:

  • Moisture - Thorlos proprietary moisture management helps prevent blisters and fungal growth
  • Pressure - Thorlos help prevent tissue breakdown, painful calluses and bunions
  • Shear - Thorlos act as an interface between shoe and foot, minimising shearing
  • Circulation - Thorlos stimulate better circulation (blood flow) into and out of the feet
  • Temperature - Thorlos moderate both extremes (hot and cold) of temperature inside the shoe
  • Posture - Thorlos help "nestle" the feet and create better heel coupling, allowing Thorlos and the shoes to work better as a system of protection
  • Stimulus - The sum total of all the above benefits provides the overall positive sensation of protection and comfort.

To eliminate confusion and to make it easier for you to select the right Thorlos to meet your needs, THOR·LO has introduced an entirely new way to think about having the right gear for your activity.  THOR·LO socks are available in the following three new levels of protection:

Protection Level 3 - Provides the Maximum Protection for the most rugged and challenging activities and weather conditions.

Protection Level 2 - Provides Moderate Protection for those activities that are somewhat strenuous but are not of long duration.

Protection Level 1 - Provides Maximum Protection without changing your shoe size for consumers that prefer a light weight product.



Bridgedale uses the best performing fibres; have stringent quality control standard; have their socks independently tested by SATRA and have Gore-Tex endorsements.

Bridgedale offers the ultimate in sock comfort, performance and protection. Each sock is ideally suited to you chosen activity, climate and footwear.

Extreme Series - Thermal protection, ShockZones® cushioning and blister protection. Extreme comfort for extended treks and above the snow line.

Trekking Series - Moderate thermal protection, blister protection and ShockZones® cushioning.  Any season hiking, trekking and backpacking.

Adrenaline Series - Impact and blister protection. Breathable socks for all bikers and runners and Adrenaline junkies.

Bridgedale socks have the following features:

  • Double cuff - soft grip keeps your socks up
  • Forward-Flex Technology - stops bunching and discomfort
  • Ankle and arch support - gentle grip to keep socks in place
  • Ventilation Zone - reduces moisture and cools foot
  • ShockZones® - high impact padded protection
  • Reinforced toe and heel - extra durability for hard worked areas
  • Y-heel - deep heel cup prevents heel slip
  • Flat toe seams - helps prevent rubbing and blisters

Athletes and adventurers who choose Bridgedale include:

  • Sir Ranulf Fiennes
  • Australian Adventure Racing Team (winners of the Southern Traverse)
  • German Olympic Ski Team
  • Northern Ireland Everest Team
  • Scandinavian Ski Team


The Climate-Regulating Sock

With X-Socks®,we developed a completely new type of sock, with every detail designed to help the feet meet the challenges they face every day. An anatomically-shaped footbed, padding and buffer zones, and climate-regulating compound yarns are the crucial components of the unique X-Socks® Advanced Foot-Protection System and create an optimal interface between shoes and feet. X-Socks® are specially-adapted to the specific requirements of different sports and everyday life.

In order to ensure that the feet remain free from blisters, abrasions, chafing, and bruises, they must be kept dry and well-ventilated. Anatomically sensitive areas must receive ample protection from friction and pressure. X-Socks® satisfy all these requirements. A revolutionary, patented technology was used to create these socks, a technology whose effectiveness has withstood even legal judgment.  But in the end, it is the feedback from countless satisfied customers that confirms the truth of our claims.

X-Socks® are aimed at meeting the different demands and stresses of sport. Cushioning is only used where it is really necessary. This facilitates the unique barefoot climate of X-Socks® technology, as well as protecting and supporting the stressed areas of the foot. A standard component of each pair of X-Socks® are the X-Cross® Bandage, the anatomically-shaped right/left foot bed with integrated AirConditioning Channel® and the Traverse AirFlow Channel System.

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