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Aetrex iStep Digital Foot Analysis

Millenium KioskTechnology used properly can provide your business with tremendous efficiency, differentiation and sales growth. Through the iStep program Aetrex offers state-of-the-art technology unlike any other in the industry.

iStep will enhance your image and drive revenue by substantially increasing your footwear and orthotic sales. With state-of-the-art digital scanners and pressure sensors, iStep accurately measures feet and determines foot type and pressure points. 

This patented technology then immediately recommends appropriate footwear and orthotic options from your own inventory. Your customers will benefit from products that truly meet their needs and the high level of service provided.
Today we are pleased to introduce iStep software version 6.0 and the revolutionary iStep SP5000. The iStep SP5000 is the result of many years of engineering and software development. Together with software v6.0, this system offers the most advanced in-store foot analysis technology ever created for footwear retailers and professionals.

iStep SP5000 Foot Analysis


Digital Foot AnalyserDigital Foot Image

The iStep SP5000 is the most revolutionary in-store foot analysis device ever created for footwear retailers and professionals. This patented technology features:
  • 3,744 Gold plated barometric sensors
  • Measures the pressure exerted by the foot every 0.25 cm2
  • 1,326 infrared LED’s and receptors that are aligned every half-millimeter
  • Use with any PC or laptop with a USB port and Windows

The high concentration of sensors results in unmatched accuracy and allows the device to perform an accurate reading, even for a small child. The infrared technology combined with the proprietary iStep software captures an accurate size of the foot (both length and width) without using moving parts.

The iStep SP5000 provides an accurate size and pressure analysis without requiring any specific foot placement such as against the median or back of the unit. In addition, the technology uses “relative pressure analysis” to provide a highly accurate image, even when your customer stands on the device for an extended period of time.

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