Thorlo men's THOR·LON® Hiker socks
Thorlo men's THOR·LON® Hiker socks  Ref: KX

The 7 Elements of Comfort are:

  • Moisture - Thorlos proprietary moisture management helps prevent blisters and fungal growth
  • Pressure - Thorlos help prevent tissue breakdown, painful calluses and bunions
  • Shear - Thorlos act as an interface between shoe and foot, minimising shearing
  • Circulation - Thorlos stimulate better circulation (blood flow) into and out of the feet
  • Temperature - Thorlos moderate both extremes (hot and cold) of temperature inside the shoe
  • Posture - Thorlos help "nestle" the feet and create better heel coupling, allowing Thorlos and the shoes to work better as a system of protection
  • Stimulus - The sum total of all the above benefits provides the overall positive sensation of protection and comfort.