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Aetrex Lynco Orthotics

Recommended by doctors and pedorthists worldwide, Lynco is recognized as the #1 orthotic system on the market today. Millions of pairs have been sold to consumers seeking the quality and support of custom-made orthotics at an over-the-counter price. Lyncos are designed for all sports, golf, dress, casual and therapeutic footwear.

More people today recognize that combining the right orthotics with their footwear is the easiest and most effective way to provide immediate comfort and improve footwear performance. Lynco orthotics have the following features:

  • Male and female versions for all orthotics as men and women have different shaped feet
  • Available in all (whole number) shoe sizes to ensure that the support is in the correct position
  • 4 different support options, including metatarsal support and control for over pronation
  • Support the arch and provide maximum comfort
  • Improves balance and body alignment.

Sports orthotics are designed for active impact sports such as running, tennis, squash, skiing, football, basketball etc.

Everyday shoe orthotics are designed for everyday and therapeutic use. They are also ideal for golf, walking and trekking

3/4 length orthotics are designed for use in shoes that have limited space in the forefoot area

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