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Fibres used in performance socks

Common performance sock fibres:
CoolMax®AcrylicNylonSpandexGore-Tex®Merino WoolNew Wool

Brand specific fibres


Sock Fibres 
CoolMax®DuPont manufactures this fibre with a unique four channel cross section that produces a soft, cotton like yarn with such superior moisture transport qualities that skin temperatures prove perceptibly cooler in comparison yarn testing.  CoolMax® provides excellent blister protection while keeping you comfortably cool.
Merino WoolA special, fine grade wool that originally came from Merino sheep.  It has all the characteristics classic to wool such as wrinkle resistance, shape recovery and insulation, but what makes Merino wool different is the luxurious softness and comfort provided by the fine diameter Merino fibres.  Unlike traditional wools, Merino wool does not itch and is shrink treated to hold its size and shape even after repeated washings.
New WoolNew Wool is the first spin of the wool, which guarantees softness and qualitiy.  It avoids the uncomfortable itch created by recycled wool.  It offers excellent insulation and is highly breathable.
AcrylicA man-made fibre that provides softness and warmth with little weight and high durability.
NylonIntroduced by Dupont in the 1940s as a 'miracle' fibre.  It enables multiple size ranges, good fit and shape retention, along with durability.
SpandexA synthetic fibre with elastic properties that is often used in place of rubber.  Used with other fibres, it provides elasticity, recovery and close fit.
Gore-Tex®A wind proof, waterproof, breathable membrane.  Microscopic pores in the membrane are small enough to prevent liquid water from penetrating, but are large enough to allow water vapour to pass through for breathability.
THOR·LON® AcrylicTHOR·LON® trademark acrylic yarns are exclusively developed for Thorlos construction.  'Trapped' perspiration in the shoe environment tends to 'flatten' or crush down common acrylic yarns.  THOR·LON® yarns are specifically spun to maintain both softness and resilience, which maximises foot comfort, blister protection and product durability.
Wool/SilkImported wild silk is blended 50% with a soft and resilient shrink treated wool to produce incredibly warm performance.  Silk enhances the moisture absorbency, insulating properties and pill resistance of natural 100% wool.  Superior in comfort, warmth and durability.
Wool/THOR·LON®This performance fibre blend is intended for active, cold climate use.  Designed for improved blister protection and comfort without sacrificing significant insulting properties of natural wool.  The addition of 50% THOR·LON® acrylic improves loft, resiliency and greatly enhances moisture management qualities that 100% wool yarns alone cannot provide.
Thermolite®Thermolite® by DuPont is an excellent wicking fibre designed with an air trapping, hollow cross section that is amazingly warm and comfortable.  Thermolite® protects against overheating and keeps you warm even when wet with perspiration.
Isofil®Isofil® is a non absorbent, wicking thermal fibre that won its inventor the Nobel Prize for chemistry.
WoolFusion®Bridgedale's very own blend of the highest quality wool and the latest technical fibres to offer high wicking, moisture management and thermal control.
OUTLAST® AcrylicOUTLAST® Adaptive Comfort™ fibres minimise the reliance on trapped air for insulating.  Instead, micro-thermal materials absorb, store, distribute and release heat in response to the body's comfort needs.  This minimises changes in thermal comfort by neutralising uncomfortable and potentially dangerous temperature extremes regardless of the outside environment or physical activity level.
OlifinA superior water repelling fibre that won't accept moisture.  It is use alone or with absorbent outer layers that work together to wick water away from your body.  It is very strong and has the lowest specific gravity (lightest) of any synthetic fibre.
Hollofil® Polyester Hollofil® polyester fibre is a high loft insulation that keeps out the cold.
Lumiza™ AcrylicAn advance moisture absorbing acrylic fibre containing micro- pores that have a capillary action to absorb moisture, and then dissipate it by evaporation.  Although it is a lightweight fibre it has superior insulting properties, is soft, breathable, and quick drying.
Wonder-Wick®The Wonder-Wick® moisture control system was developed by Wigwam mills to keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable.  A moisture-repelling yarn next to the skin wicks the perspiration away from the foot.  A moisture-absorbing fibre on the outside of the sock works with the inner fibre to ensure that moisture stays away from the foot.  A dry foot is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.  the lack of moisture next to the foot is also instrumental in minimising blisters.
MYTHLAN™MYTHLAN™is a true ‘lightweight’ among the newly-developed high-tech fibers. The ultra-light, self-contained micro-fiber construction means that bacteria cannot take hold. MYTHLAN™ is thus completely pH balanced and hypo-allergenic. The lightness of the MYTHLAN™ fabric means that air can circulate freely and affords superb temperature regulation. It goes without saying that a modern material like MYTHLAN™ is easy to care for and colorfast.
ROBUR™ ROBUR™ is a multi-purpose, hollow-bodied fiber which contains a sealed inner air chamber which actively breathes, remains elastic and protects against jarring impacts and pressure. The complex three-thread fiber construction makes Robur™ extremely durable and tear-resistant. Special Robur™-reinforced padding protects the sensitive Achilles tendon, the instep, the ankle, and especially the shin from chafing and abrasions.
DURAWOOL™ DURAWOOL™ is a new, innovative, extremely light, yet robust yarn compound that provides an outstanding combination of the properties that make high-tech fibers so pleasant to wear, with the qualities of natural wool. Exceptional manufacturing technology enables Durawool™ to protect the skin from the outside temperature and maintain body temperature at an optimal level.
The smooth, tightly-sealed surface structure rapidly conducts moisture away from the skin's surface, so that no moisture can accumulate inside the yarn. The chances of developing foot odor are significantly
AirGoTex™ AirGoTex™ is a remarkably flexible, yet comfortable yarn that ensures an ideal fit. The high percentage of cotton makes it wonderfully wearable.
Skin NODOR® Skin NODOR® is a particularly soft new yarn with exceptional temperature optimizing properties. It features a polymeric matrix incorporating a bacteriostatic agent that will not transfer to the skin.

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