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Orthotic FAQs


Choosing the correct size

The size of orthotics are normally in standard whole number shoe sizes.  If your foot is a half size then you should choose the larger whole number size. For example, if your UK shoe size is 6.5 then you should choose size 7.  If size 7 is a little too large for your shoe then it maybe necessary to trim the toe area of the orthotic to provide a good fit in your shoe. 

Initial wearing of the orthotic

Orthotics will provide many people with immediate relief from foot pain. However, if the orthotic is correcting the alignment of your foot to a new position that your foot is not used to then this could cause some initial discomfort.

Your feet and legs may have functioned abnormally over a number of years. Your orthotics will encourage them to work in a better manner and this may initially feel strange.  To correct a situation that has developed over years will take time.  You should not wear your orthotics all day from the first day, but gradually increase the duration for which they are worn by half an hour per day.

If you suffer initial discomfort, for example mild aches along the outside and backs of your legs, then it is recommended that you only wear the orthotic for less than an hour per day for the first week and gradually increase the duration for which you use the orthotic.  You should not increase the duration of wearing an orthotic until any aches have subsided.

When you can wear your orthotic comfortably for four hours, then it is likely that you will be able to wear them comfortably all day.

Initial wearing of sports orthotic 

We recommend that you initially wear your sports orthotic for walking.  You should gradually introduce the orthotics into your training program.  Obviously, you need to remove any insole that may already be in your training shoes.  

How long do orthotics last?

If they are only worn occasionally in sports shoes then they will last many years.  If they are worn all day, every day then they should be replaced every 12 months.



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